About Us

About Us


The Nest Egg Strategy was “uncovered” by John Cunningham, a commercial real estate consultant with 30 years’ experience in solving financial riddles and mysteries. John graduated with an Accounting degree from University of Denver.

In addition to consulting, John developed a new mortgage prepayment plan in the 1990s based on fact that most of the interest is stacked in the front of the repayment schedule. He published two editions of a book about it, “Unscramble Your Nest Egg.”




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John J. Cunningham


Along the way, John learned that financial planners insist everyone have five times their annual income in the bank at retirement. He wondered how people could possibly save that much, when the monthly budget was so tight?

Continuing his research, taking mortgages apart and putting them back together, he asked himself, “what would 15 years of mortgage payments be worth as investment capital?” Eureka! It was a match – they’re worth exactly five times a homeowner’s annual income, almost to the penny!


Time has Come
He filed this correlation in the back of his mind until the plight of Millennials could not be ignored – gig economy, stagnant wages, student debt, high cost of living, and end of guaranteed pensions meant they wouldn’t have enough money for retirement. And, that was before the highest unemployment since the Great Depression. Despite all this, if they could just free 15 years of mortgage payments, they would have exactly the amount that financial planners recommend.


The Truth is Always Simple
The remedy was obvious – instead of waiting until age 65-70 to pay off the mortgage, as in the Old Normal, pay it off by age 50-55 and thus free 15 years of payments for saving and investment accounts. Such a simple solution, but the truth is always simple!


Spreading the Word
The dilemma was how to persuade people that such a simple idea could be so powerful? The first step was to create online calculators so people could apply it to their own situation. The second step was to write a book manuscript, so people could read all about it. Upon completion, however, John realized that’s not how Millennials discover new insights and tell their friends. Next step, therefore, was to put the calculators and key insights online so 10,000 people could learn in one day what would otherwise take a year to disseminate with a book.

(Book will be published later, after the Social Media campaign saturates the market. You can sign up in the Book Section to be notified when its about to be published.)


What’s it Worth?
Final question was how much to charge for this service? Answer is that since it’s not a proprietiary right or possession but a simple mathametical fact, it should be made free and available to all. Hence, the role of this web site.

A donation of $8 is requested in order to maintain this web site and do whatever promotion is necessary to make the Millennial Generation aware of it.


No Tracking
Identity of users is not collected. Calculators do not collect or retain financial information. No information is sold. Revenue is exclusively from donations.