Nest Egg Strategy


Purpose of this book is to help Millennials realign their finances with the reality of the post-pandemic economy.

The Millennial Generations was already struggling when the Pandemic of 2020 broke the back of the status quo. There’s no going back, the anger and frustration of the Millennial Generation evident in nationwide protests, sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Indeed, the good ole’ days are not coming back. Back when time was on their side, people were able to leverage a large amount of debt with a small monthly payment and come out ahead. The idea was to keep things afloat long enough for a rising tide to bail them out. The problem is there no rising tide for Millennials in the New Normal.

This means they can no longer afford to spend their entire careers on monthly payments, wasting  time and money on interest expense. They actually need to do the opposite in the New Normal – save time and money from their career to invest in themselves, build saving and investment accounts, and earn compound income! In short, get time-value of money working for them.

The difference is astonishing, a cash nest egg built on 15 years of former mortgage payments will be big enough to pay half of their living expenses in retirement. With Social Security and other retirement plans paying the other half, Millennials can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

They’re going to need every dollar too. The good news is they’re going to live five to ten years longer than their parents and grandparents. The bad news is they’re going to need even more money. Happily, this nest egg can provide the extra time and money.

This is the Nest Egg Strategy, an idea whose time has come again.




Everything you need to know is contained in this slim book. There are five chapters, all fewer than 20 pages each. “Yeah, But … ” arguments are sprinkled throughout.


Chapter 1, Nest Egg Strategy:  Adds more detail and examples than the broad concept outlined in the web pages.

Chapter 2, Home as Sacred Space: Reminds readers of what they already remember by heart – home is their refuge and sanctuary; signs and symbols of which are all over the house. Customs and traditions serve as reminders throughout the year, one of which is anointing the champion and protector of the sacred space.

Chapter 3, Economic Prospects, Quality of Life: Adds more detail and examples for why the Old Normal won’t be returning. If anything, there are so many storm clouds that things could easily get worse before they get better.


Chapters 4 and 5 are not directly about the Nest Egg Strategy.  They’re related however.

Chapter 4, Selecting the Best Mortgage: Shows readers how to evaluate the tradeoffs for increasing their borrowing power against loss to a future nest egg. This way, they can make an informed decision in whether the updated kitchen is worth five years of extra payments, for instance 

Chapter 5, Buying Back Time: Concept is simple enough: Repay the extra borrowing power and recapture the time that was traded away. But what’s the best way? This chapter shows readers a number of Principal Acceleration and Mortgage Prepayment methods.


In summary, in addition to a specific strategy to provide a cash nest egg for retirement, this book is an overarching view of a home mortgage in the post-pandemic economy. This book, Nest Egg Strategy, serves as a primer that can be used for decades. Arithmetic is arithmetic; it’ll still be true when the children of current homowners grow up and buy a house of their own.


A Last Word …
With so much at stake, wouldn’t it be better to spend 30 minutes with this book today than wake up 30 years from now and discover that you’ve missed an important turn in the road!

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